BIM 101: When to Use a MultiStation for BIM

Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation for BIM

The Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation is a very exciting technology for the construction industry, especially in the area of quality assurance for general contractors. 

The total station functionality allows contractors to back check subcontractors’ work with real-time delta reporting. When building elements such as a column are out of tolerance, the surrounding area can be scanned with the very same instrument.

The beauty is in the integration of the total station orienting information and the high definition scans. This means the field software automatically stitches together all of the quality assurance point clouds, removing post-processing of point clouds to get them oriented. The orientation information also enables the point clouds to be married with the as-designed models, streamlining the process of comparing as-built and as-designed data.

Affectionately known as the “BIM One Box,” or BOB, the MS50 is also a valuable tool for concrete contractors or general contractors self-performing concrete work. The full-featured layout capabilities can handle BIM layout points from Revit, AutoCAD or virtually any other BIM or CAD program with ease. The instrument streamlines concrete layout from footings and foundations to the top of the tallest buildings. Real-time delta reporting keeps crews informed of potential mistakes in formwork before the concrete is poured. When a mistake or change is found after the pour, the area can be quickly and easily scanned for evaluation. The ability to define the scan area onscreen and view the point cloud on the device provides an easy-to-use approach that any level of user can appreciate.

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Cathi Hayes is an architect, building information modeling (BIM) pioneer and strategy leader. Today she drives BIM adoption throughout the North American construction industry with Leica Geosystems hardware and software solutions. Her duties include the development and implementation of short- and long-term BIM marketing strategies. She also serves as the voice of Leica Geosystems in the construction industry’s growing BIM conversation. Cathi holds degrees from North Carolina State (BEDA Architecture) and the University of Kansas (PBA).

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