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Cathi Hayes is an architect, building information modeling (BIM) pioneer and strategy leader. Today she drives BIM adoption throughout the North American construction industry with Leica Geosystems hardware and software solutions. Her duties include the development and implementation of short- and long-term BIM marketing strategies. She also serves as the voice of Leica Geosystems in the construction industry’s growing BIM conversation. Cathi holds degrees from North Carolina State (BEDA Architecture) and the University of Kansas (PBA).

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BIM 101: Three Basic Tools for Digital Layout

Getting started with BIM and digital layout can seem like a monumental task if you don’t know where to start. The first step is understanding the “lay of the land” – what are the parts and pieces, and how do they fit into your business. From there, it is much easier to strategically choose a
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Digital Layout Saves Concrete Contractor $2,000 Per Week

Concrete construction footing crews typically lay out footings with tape measures and strings. Once this process is completed, the layout begins. “It’s generally around this time when we’d find a mistake in excavation or some other problem,” says Craig Poortinga of Walrite LLC Colorado Foundation Contractors. “The guys would spend a good part of the
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How LOD 350 Benefits BIM for Building Construction

The BIMForum recently released the 2013 Level of Development (LOD) Specification, which includes a new LOD level – LOD 350. Prior to this development, the AIA G202 LOD definitions left a lot of room for interpretation by designers and engineers, thus creating uncertainty about model integrity by downstream users. General contractors often recreate models from scratch
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How to Bridge the Gaps in BIM

For many construction contractors, building information modeling (BIM) is primarily an office tool that provides valuable insights before crews begin their work on the jobsite. From there, however, the model is often converted to a 2D drawing that is familiar but limited in the amount of data it can offer. Construction crews proceed the best
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How to Make the Most of BIM in Construction

If your firm is using building information modeling (BIM), you already know the benefits it brings to the construction process and your clients’ management of their assets. But are you reaping the full advantages of BIM?


Concrete Contractors Punch a Winning Ticket with Leica Geosystems’ BIM Field Trip

Not to be trite, but this is a game changer. BIM has revolutionized construction industry communication. Data, specifically digital data, is the new operating language for architects, structural engineers, general contractors and the constructions trades. I never imagined the BIM transformation would come this far, this fast. 


10 Reasons Why Leica Geosystems Is the Concrete Contractors’ Go-To BIM Source

As a concrete contractor, your ability to win project bids often turns on your compliance with industry best practice. One key differentiator in a crowded contractor marketplace is building information modeling (BIM). The fact is, more and more owners and general contractors expect BIM-compliance in their project team selection process. What is your BIM capability?
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Why BIM Is a Concrete Contractor’s Golden Opportunity

Building information modeling (BIM) is rewriting the book on how buildings are designed and built, adding unprecedented levels of digital precision and visual understanding. The construction trades, including concrete contractors, stand to reap huge business benefits from BIM enablement. Leica Geosystems, a global provider of BIM construction solutions, has emerged as the go-to resource for
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Transforming Concrete Construction with BIM

Concrete construction is undergoing a rapid digital transformation. Long-held design and construction processes are rapidly giving way to digital building information modeling (BIM).